Talk: Alt-scholarship as feminist writing

I’ve been working a lot on alt-scholarship like webtexts (Kairos, DHQ, Enculturation). I’ve always thought of it within the tradition of various avant-garde lineages. However, I recently realized how privileged and limited such a scope is (Sullivan 2012). At the same time, I’ve been teaching feminist theory in my classes. It occurred to me that alt-scholarship is pretty darn feminist in nature. It feels like Cixous’ L’ecriture feminine, Lorde’s body writing, and a lot like queering scholarship. This is a new thought to me (I know, it shouldn’t be), so I’m stepping carefully. I want to begin this conversation by asking if digital scholarship is inherently feminist. And if so, why is DH so not feminist (see Jamie Skye Bianco and others for this revelation)? In my own work, I want to figure out ways to remember the feminist push for embodied, non-linear writing without just stealing it for myself (I’m a white dude). So, that’s where I want to start, but for the most part, I want to shut up and listen. Thanks!