Stephanie Peebles Tavera

  • Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistant, Writing Center Social Media Coordinator
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Twitter: @sptavera

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) at the University of Texas at Arlington, working on writing my dissertation prospectus (I haven't officially settled on a topic yet, though I know what subject areas I want to work with). I am on full-scholarship at UTA and am a doctoral teaching fellow and one of four writing center managers. I've presented at many prestigous conferences in the fields of utopian literature, American literature, and new materialist theory and have a forthcoming publication on new materialism in Whitman's Leaves of Grass. In addition, I was recently invited to write an article on a new materialist reading of Emily Dickinson's sexual poetics. Therefore, my academic interests include American literature (C19 to present), environmental literature, utopian literature, and environmental theories including posthumanism and new materialism.

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